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Regional Innovators

The regional innovators section of the TETN website highlights innovators throughout the state of Texas who have made unique efforts to develop content and create educational programming for students. These innovators understand that our network is defined by its content. Without innovative content, the importance of our statewide and regional networks is greatly diminished. By continuing to develop unique educational opportunities for educators and students, these innovators help to ensure the continued success of distance learning initiatives throughout the state.

JoAnn Roe

JoAnn Roe is an Educational Consultant in the Education Technology Department at Education Service Center Region 11. JoAnn is an innovator in remote broadcasting, utilizing a satelite trailer to bring previously unreachable locations to state and regional classrooms. Programs such as Live from the Dairy Farm and Live from the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Company are successful in large part because of her efforts to coordinate use of the satellite trailer and market the events throughout the state.

Perhaps more notable are JoAnn's personal appearances. Coordinating with experts at the Arlington Archasaur Site, JoAnn took on the persona of Indiana Jo and taught students about the catastophic wildfire that ravaged the Texas coast. Later in the year JoAnn became Jingle Jo, a holiday elf who gave students a global perspective on holiday celebrations.

Whatever the situation, JoAnn's commitment to educating the students throughout Region 11 and the State of Texas has set her apart as an innovator in distance learning content. TETN would like to honor her contribution by highlighting her as our first Regional Innovator. Thank you, JoAnn, for your hardwork and dedication.



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