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Governance Committee

Governance direction of TETN is vested in a eight (8) member Governing Committee consisting of three members from the Texas Education Agency and five (5) members of the Commissioner's Cabinet for Regional Services (CCRS). Responsibilities include developing policies and approving strategic plans as well as appointing ad hoc committees as needed for specific purposes.

The TETN Office is staffed with a manager, education specialist, network engineers and a scheduler. The TETN Manager reports to the Executive Director of Region XIII for administrative and routine operational issues, and reports to the Governance Committee for policy and overall leadership.

The Governance Committee Members for 2012 - 2013 are:

  • Mr. Scot Goen, Chair
    ESC Region XV

  • Ms. Elizabeth Abernethy
    ESC Region VII

  • Mr. Thomas Poe
    ESC Region VI

  • Dr. Terry Smith
    ESC Region XIII

  • Dr. Ronald Beard
    ESC Region XX

  • Ms. Kate Loughrey
    Texas Education Agency

  • Mr. Philip Cochran
    Texas Education Agency

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