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The mission of the Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) is to facilitate communications among educational entities throughout Texas to improve student performance and to increase efficiency of educational operations via an effective telecommunications network.

TETN membership is a consortium of twenty-one (21) entities; the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the twenty Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs). ESC Region XIII is the fiscal agent of the network and is responsible for the consortium budget and the TETN office.

The TETN central network is located in the William B. Travis building in downtown Austin, and the TETN system is operated by the staff at the TETN Management Office located at Region XIII. Services provided by the TETN network include:

  • H.320 and H.323 multiparty videoconferences
  • point-to-point H.320 and H.323 videoconferences
  • data transport (IP) services
  • special project conferences. These conferences are held by non-member entities and have been approved by the TETN Governance Committee

Texas Education Telecommunications Network 2011