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Live Webcast on 
"Stress and 
How to Overcome It"
Monday, January 23, 2017 
                10:00 am-10:50 am CST 

Dr. William (Bill) Klemm from Texas A&M University, will be connecting to classrooms across the nation and giving the presentation, "Stress and How to Overcome It"   Appropriate for 7-12th grades.

Description: Going to school can be stressful. Social problems, difficult learning tasks, taking tests, just being a teenager: all create stress. In this presentation by Dr. Bill Klemm, a Texas A&M scientist who studies the brain, we will consider what stress is and how it affects the body and mind. Most importantly, we will consider ways for coping with and reducing school stress. 

Science TEKS:

  • 7.12 (B) identify the main functions of the systems of the human organism, including the nervous, and endocrine systems;
  • 7.13 (A) investigate how organisms respond to external stimuli found in the environment such as phototropism and fight or flight; and (B) describe and relate responses in organisms that may result from internal stimuli such as wilting in plants and fever or vomiting in animals that allow them to maintain balance;
  • Biology 10 (A) describe the interactions that occur among systems that perform the functions of regulation, nutrient absorption, reproduction, and defense from injury or illness in animals; (C) analyze the levels of organization in biological systems and relate the levels to each other and to the whole system;
  • Biology 11 (A) describe the role of internal feedback mechanisms in the maintenance of homeostasis; (B) investigate and analyze how organisms, populations, and communities respond to external factors.